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December 2020

β€” (why nobody writes me pm)


Hey Guys, I have this LIKE BUTTON i implemented into my react application, I built the backend with typeScript. Can anyone advice me on how to improve this feature to make it scale millions of users and perform without issues for this 2 cases:
Case 1: A million concurrent users clicking the button at the same time
Case 2: A million concurrent users requesting the article's like count at the same time

β€” Something like this

β€” Where you find 1 million of usersπŸ€” i see only 2 likes, probably self-made🀀

β€” No i don't have 1 million users I am seeking advice on how i can improve this feature

β€” Cache cache cache

β€” Ez

β€” What feature.. some animation or some client-server transfer, database storing or undetermined

β€” Please can you elaborate on this

β€” Removing registration will bring more users who put likes, for sure

β€” There is no user auth implemented 😊

β€” Let's say you have multiple edge instances (things that receive "like" requests from frontend)