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November 2020

— Check window load event


Yeah, I'm seeing that even doubling document ready doesn't alway work. Reloading and reloading, I see it works about 3/4 times. I tried

jQuery(window).on('load', function () {


jQuery(window).bind('load', function () {

but it's the same.

— Then that script is async and has a mount point, should

— Wordpress has api to include scripts in desired order, mmaybe drupal is alike

— You cant just write script tags in the template, if you need order

— That's what I'm thinking too

— Code reviewing only doesn't sound like a good position

— See, "not my job" is not a statement you can make (in a business world)

— Well you can quit

— Sure, but not many places where you would go then, cuz despite your specialization, requests to do a side-work appear regularily

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— Not for me

— I know🤤