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November 2020

— I think this is a bad mentality, focus should always be code quality in every project, higher quality code will always lead to future savings for the business, since things tend toward being more modularized and reusable, so you can reuse code across projects and clients

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Lucrative, not how it functions commercially . I'm referring it to the efficiency of resource management process within the organisation

— Then I think you're using the wrong terms

— I don't see how efficiency relates to lucrativity

— Emmh, I gotta wake up to my senses. Hang on, lemme get home first😃

— 🙏Please may someone send me some books from Nicholas Zakas ?

— TRGWII hey

— Thing again. Does it really not!!!

— With a whip and a strong hand ofc🤤 any code-slave dreams to become a code-master, only freedom-coder does the task alone

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— Company multiculture and agriculture

— Any idea why this doesn't work?

jQuery(document).ready(function () {

if(jQuery("#block-darkbgcontrol .dark-bg-control").hasClass("dark-bg") === true) {


If I put alerts to display an 1 and a 0 as an if/else with that condition, they work, but the class isn't added.

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— Try debugger statements. They suck, but they do their job