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November 2020

β€” Nice


I think you miss the point of code review... code review is not for checking a single line is good.
it is checking how sets of single lines affect the sets of millions of lines. and how to do that best. there is a way bigger responsibility of code review

β€” There's a possibility that a code reviewer might create messπŸ₯΄

β€” Wat

β€” Then code reviewing is not being done right

β€” Also a not on pair programming the way you think.

what one dev does in one day, 2 devs do the same in 4 days

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β€” Code reviewer should come back with notes

β€” And original dev should agree or disagree with the reviewer

β€” Code reviewer should NOT have final say

β€” This is also generally not true if they are pair programming

β€” You hired the wrong person then.. he might be the best with 15+ years on him. but has no idea of the project he is working with

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β€” Yeah... put a 24 year old male and female in a pair and see how long it takes to get a contact form running

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