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November 2020

— You can't just say "company culture", HOW does the company culture enforce it?


They can be automated. I didn't say manual. if you mean unit tests, then that is where a tester and programmer can work in pairs

— Both unit tests and integration tests should be automated

— Code reviewing is mainly cosnsidered to sort of cleanse the code but opens it up to vulnerabilities and threats

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— Wat

— How

— Lol

— If you have a lot of elements, attaching an event listener to all of them is actually bad for performance. Use event delegation instead.

I found this article helpful 👇


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— If the company is inclined to build a perfect software(though not practical), motivations are different. what you consider as high output is different and more inclined towards quality. people will naturally follow what devs who write good code do.

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— Only if they pair program frequently

— You need someone to write it yeah? you dont have an ai that does that right?

— Otherwise the newer devs might not pick up the good habits of the good devs