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November 2020

— Didn't expect that quick reply tho 😂


In my opinion, rotating will create a total mess.
The point of code review is you need programmers very experienced with the project in question. putting a random person every week makes the whole thing useless and a big mess.
The point in code review is to ensure, bugs are not fixed with repair code(patches). but the bugs are dealt with from the roots.
Code does not repeat in different forms or algorithms. THis allows fixing bugs in one place and the bugfix gets updated everywhere. you don't need to do the same change in million of places.
Performance is acceptable. This ensures new devs don't put code that takes forever to run or takes massive amounts of space to run.
Code review allows facilitating the hiring of young talent. As the young talent have a path on which to get better. This means young talent will also stick around as they are getting better and learning.

— That's not the point of code review lol

— Code reviewers are people who have been on the project for a long time and know the ins and outs of it. With this, they can guide all of the above.

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— Tests ensure bugs aren't in the code

— Code review ensures everyone writes consistent readable code

— Seperate Team

— Those are testers. a separate team

— What if you're a smaller business

— With 10 programmers?

— Everyone has to test, everyone has to code review

— That is what code writing guideline covers. and the company culture to do the job