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November 2020

— It's good to have a code reviewer team as ankit_123456 mentioned


Is this like the old hack when you take the extra cash in a transaction that disappears due to rounding and transfer to your own account?

— Egoistic coding

— At least with tests and FP, you can move aside the stuff that works as intended

— Yeah, types, tests, FP get rid of most things except logical errors

— anonymouscryptohack disagrees with your opinion

— How

— Just say yes

— I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, you mean it's good to have code reviews, or it's good to have a separate team for it that don't do any coding, or it's good to rotate your coders into teams each week / month?

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— Did you just tag a random guy? Lol

— Lmao, best idea

— Don't tell anyone :p