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November 2020

— Yeah true, devs shouldn't be overloaded with the code reviewing process.


Haha.. It was so far very hard to persuade my coworkers into using eslint. We are doing now step by step with autoformat on save (for some developers)

— Yep. Might give it a go :)

— Well now you gotta switch again lol

— I use prettier for formatting, ESLint only for checking

— Prettier is better at formatting stuff, ESLint is better at catching logic errors (especially with TS)

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— Prettier has created unwanted results for me personally.


— Tiring procees for the devs. Most of them wouldn't want to double look their code unless there's an error

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— Yes I am trying to get there :)

— On the front-end we do quite a lot of pair programming already 🤔
back-end and hardware is lacking

— Once you sit for the pairing process most of the time you end up wasting time.