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November 2020

— Reviewers also keep a log on what they have approved for what and why. which is shared using a central medium to everyone in the dev team. This helps new devs to get to the pace and also them to also learn how the software is structured overall.
New code reviewers can also catch up fast with this

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Not really if the organization knows how to do it. if you keep replacing these people for whatever reason, then you will just end up having developers as code reviewers with no history on the project. Then the organization will ofcourse find it energy and time consuming because no one knows what to do

— You can try a week of 100% pair programming

— No need to do code review then

— It's already reviewed by 2

— Sounds good. Thank you :)

— Also make sure you rip out useless stuff from code review

— Like formatting

— Everything should autoformat

— Very true

— That sounds exhausting. I will try to see where we could apply this

— Pair programming shouldn't feel exhausting heh