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November 2020

— The bottom one is simpler, try that first


Tried.. try more, put empty object as a parameter, maybe it will keep previous options, write issue, find where parameters are specified, where slider initialized, put your script before it

— Https://

— It doesn't return the array

— It's not a practice at all🤤

— Lol

— In this video, we can learn
1. ?. (Optional chaining for nested objects)
2. leftExp || RightExp (Default Value)
3. leftExp ?? RightExp (Nullish coalescing operator)
4. leftExp && RightExp (conditional rendering)
5. + (Convert String to Number)
6. [] (declare & Assign multiple variables, Array Destructing).

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— Is const {a, b} = {a:0, b:1} included?

— No

— Thank god, it is not another tutorial about array methods :D

— Don't use + to convert strings to numbers please

— Don't use it alone, ye, there is also a -