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April 2017

— I see, just closures as private scopes


Right yes currently there is a lot of Object.assign and other such object management required along with manually restricting or opening up scopes to share members

— The provided class syntax falls flat when it comes to extending

— I found an example I wrote awhile ago


function myClass () {
var self;
var myObj = {
combined: self,
privates: {
prop: "Hello World"
publics: {
prop: "Sup Bro"
self = Object.assign({}, myObj.privates, myObj.publics);
return myObj;

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— This is my variant of that pattern, not exactly the same and saves some time

— This because js is basically a prototyping object oriented language

— (cb) => Promise.resolve().then(cb)

This? Or I miss understand?

— Have you used Symbols?

— Yep, Symbols are nearly useless

— There is only a very small set of niche use cases for them

— When it comes down to it you will spend just as much effort managing your symbols as you did manually managing references and scope

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