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November 2020

— Or.. I am converting.


I only wonder.. while we are converting, can older branches still properly merge? When the file name is changed.. I think it is best then to pause everything else to convert

— Wait, is Record<A, B> an alias for { [k: A]: B }?

— I think so.

— Utility types are love 👌

— I tried, but if I reinitialize it in my custom.js, it breaks the slider, and from my file I don't know how to make that function run before the standard initialization.

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— I prefer the second one 🤷

— Can you perhaps upload an example somewhere?

— I recommend a free account if you do not have any sort of hosting. Unless you do not wish to public whatever you are working on publically.

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— Mh, would be quite troublesome, i cannot disclose it, so I'd need to spend a lot of time in making a mockup-version.
If it works the same, here's Slick's demo:

Anyway, tinkering with alerts, I've seen that the main problem with the piece of code I posted earlier was due to the for(), although I copy-adapted the code from JS' online documentation.
Running as is, it does a variable number of iterations (dunno what makes it vary) at every mutation, and the value of remains the same every single time.

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— Is that because the classList of the referenced mutation target hasn't changed?

— No u don't