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November 2020

— Lmao.

Well you never stop learning, but I am asusming you are trolling rn.


I'm just setting a realistic expectation for when beginners or non-programmers "want to know how to hack <something>"

— TRGWII determin1st RubenVerg

Thank you so much guyssss

— It finally worked 😂

— Np

— Np

— The fix was to set the resource_type of cloudinary to raw

— Ahaa

— Check this, I'm now using mapped template literal types in production

— martinmuzatko

— Depends on the area of expertise, how fast they learn and how talented they are.

But 10 years for an SQLI or an XSS attack..

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— Of course, everything depends, but since he's looking in this group for answers to a generic "how to hack" question with no info, I can assume some things about learning speed and talent

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