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November 2020

— For real??


function s2ab(s) {
var buf = new ArrayBuffer(s.length); //convert s to arrayBuffer
var view = new Uint8Array(buf); //create uint8array as viewer
for (var i = 0; i < s.length; i++) view[i] = s.charCodeAt(i) & 0xFF; //convert to octet
return buf;

— Seems the above function returned buffer. What do you think

— Wut is s

— S is wbout from here ☝🏻

— What is wbout

— Check the equation I quoted mike

— wb is the sheet data

— Sheet data unknown type bzzzzt, typescript wont help here, only brain power🤤

— Hahaha

— Hold on mike

— RubenVerg made a suggestion I want to try out