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November 2020

— That does NOT sound like a good idea


Hahah i know, and i dont think its possible.
Resolving dependencies is one of the worst parts of the job

— What a good idea to do then ?

— Downgrade or fix the dep and PR

— Nothing harder than the truth

— Https://

— Do a Deno one

— Sure Thomas

— I am working on developing a full featured front-end framework based on react and redux. It will be open source.
It will have a built in way to communicate with the server,
Authentication control,
Permissions control,
Orm based on redux,
Form creation from orm models

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— Let me know if you would like to contribute

— *again?*

— I don't like implicit return. In Oak you don't need to do res.send or anything similar. Whatever you assign to response.body will be returned

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