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November 2020

— Do you have suggestions?


First of all, minor versions should not be breaking changes (depends on how strictly they implement semver) so in theory you will be fine keeping the latest 1.x version.

— In practice, it is possible that there are some minor differences that the other plugin cannot process. You can pin down the dependency with npm shrinkwrap or yarn lock I believe

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— The peer dep is using he tilde -> so everything from 1.3.1 to < 1.4.0 is fine

— Hmm 🤔

— Its tricky, id prefer to npm patch-package the package.json of the leaflet.markercluster, but it didnt worked

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— That does NOT sound like a good idea

— Hahah i know, and i dont think its possible.
Resolving dependencies is one of the worst parts of the job

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— What a good idea to do then ?

— Downgrade or fix the dep and PR

— Nothing harder than the truth

— Https://