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November 2020

β€” Well you don't need docker for that, you can just use instrumentation tools like ansible I suppose


Not much of a devops myself yet, wait til I got there at the, then we'll talk again :p
One day xd

β€” Pipisible🀀

β€” Don't ever try IntersectionObserver for infinite scroll, only scroll event πŸ˜‘

β€” Hmmh guys, im using leaflet.markercluster which have a peer dep of leaflet~1.3.1 but im using leaflet1.7.1 and this breaks my pipes. it would be unfortunate to downgrade...

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β€” Do you have suggestions?

β€” First of all, minor versions should not be breaking changes (depends on how strictly they implement semver) so in theory you will be fine keeping the latest 1.x version.

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β€” In practice, it is possible that there are some minor differences that the other plugin cannot process. You can pin down the dependency with npm shrinkwrap or yarn lock I believe

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β€” The peer dep is using he tilde -> so everything from 1.3.1 to < 1.4.0 is fine

β€” Hmm πŸ€”

β€” Its tricky, id prefer to npm patch-package the package.json of the leaflet.markercluster, but it didnt worked

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β€” That does NOT sound like a good idea