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November 2020

β€” I wait for deno to grow a bit more tbh, I'd love to use it not gonna lie πŸ‘€


Some kubernetes clusterfuck (srsly, i lack knowledge there yet, gotta study that shit a bit in detail)

Or what do u mean

β€” Yeah, it's useful if you have very specific constraints you can allow, like:
* only http(s)
* no DB

β€” Okay, so that's some kind of native C++ dependency or something

β€” Docker makes sense there

β€” In a pure nodejs project or pure Java project I think the gains from Docker also go away

β€” Since both are already kind of running your app in a VM

β€” Ofc

β€” But still like the Microservice thought of having each instance under control and always being able to add more "Middlewares" (some nginx or sth f.e.)

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β€” Well you don't need docker for that, you can just use instrumentation tools like ansible I suppose

β€” Idk
Not much of a devops myself yet, wait til I got there at the, then we'll talk again :p
One day xd

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β€” Pipisible🀀