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November 2020

— I am yet to see a better way to version code


We do excessively, it's mostly neat but has many struggles to go thru if you don't have a proper devops at the right time

— Better as in accessible + practical

— For me it just seems like too much work for little gain

— And since I started using Deno for personal projects there's even less of a point

— It's almost completely useless with Deno

— Well we host with multiple environments, it's kinda little work with much gain

— But guess it's the product of years of usage

— What's your actual product built on?

— Like, your codebase?

— I wait for deno to grow a bit more tbh, I'd love to use it not gonna lie 👀

— Some kubernetes clusterfuck (srsly, i lack knowledge there yet, gotta study that shit a bit in detail)

Or what do u mean

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