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November 2020

— I'm rapidly making changes though


Like if the dev isn't able to setup docker on his windows ofc, he shouldn't work with windows, but if he can why not 🤷🏿‍♂️

— I got the other devs into proper git usage and we have a build pipeline for our installable software now

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— We don't use docker heh

— The git police, i see 👌

— Exactly

— Gotta make sure we store everything

— I am yet to see a better way to version code

— We do excessively, it's mostly neat but has many struggles to go thru if you don't have a proper devops at the right time

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— Better as in accessible + practical

— For me it just seems like too much work for little gain

— And since I started using Deno for personal projects there's even less of a point