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November 2020

— Lol


Ok please read my message with understanding.... I need a help on a site, a betting site to be precise, all I want is the programming of a virtual game on their site, so I can know the outcome of the game before they start,..... I have tried nmap, sqlmap but yet still not able to assess the site

— I am not so sure if what you are looking for is ethical

— TRGWII do you have any views on this?

— 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

— Any replies???

— What is your thoughts on it

— U want to cheat and comit fraud, right? U must be from my country, Nigeria. 😁😁😁

— Math.random is the problem solution u need

— Uhh...

You are making a web game and you used sqlite and nmap??


— I have no idea what you mean by this

— Sounds like you're trying to hack a gaming site