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November 2020

— Yep, it has become pretty much the go-to


It looks a lot like express, but seems to have some cooler TypeScript features that make oak a bit safer

— Aha... I see

— Though I haven't worked with these tech, I do plan to see how it would work

— Please I need a help on a site

— Use the code below
<a href="help.html"> click here for help</a>

— Haha... Just kidding, what's up

— Lol

— Ok please read my message with understanding.... I need a help on a site, a betting site to be precise, all I want is the programming of a virtual game on their site, so I can know the outcome of the game before they start,..... I have tried nmap, sqlmap but yet still not able to assess the site

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— I am not so sure if what you are looking for is ethical

— TRGWII do you have any views on this?

— 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺