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November 2020

— Https://


I was watching the source code of huawei mate 40 website couse i liked a few of the effects that they used and noticed that they use jquery °°

— For what part🤔

— How to start with javascript? I mean which software?

— (9 + 3) Abudhabibruu, please, send the solution to the arithmetic operation provided within the time amount specified to this group, otherwise you will be kicked. Thank you! (60 sec)
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— 12

— Brain teaser question for everyone

— I'm guessing 2021, the extra (()) means that (2020, 2021) is evaluated before calling the function and by definition (a, b, ..., x) === x

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— Awesome answer👍


— No output, return doesn't output anything. It would be "Twitter" if it did

— Why do u think it won't return anything? That's destructuring