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November 2020

— The language you choose is free but in English is better


En javascript vanilla (sin jQuery) puedes acceder al valor de un input con la propiedad val

Algo como esto
const valor = document.querySelecto(".myInputSelector").value

— Así fue como lo hize! Gracias

— In this video, we can learn about
1. Wappalyzer & WhatRuns (what websites are built with).
2. Daily dev tips and articles in Chrome new tab
3. Pagespeed and lighthouse (performance of your webpages and get specific suggestions on how to optimize them).

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— Hey guys, i have a question. I'm working on a gane where each random time i create a div and the player have 2 sec to click on. If he clicked i remove the div. I also use settimeout() to remove it after 2 sec in case player didn't click. Im looking for a way to set the border to red if the div removed by the settimeout and not by the click, any idea?

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— OK. Thank you

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— Hi

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— I was watching the source code of huawei mate 40 website couse i liked a few of the effects that they used and noticed that they use jquery °°

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