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November 2020

— Ok


Can any1 help me make a regex for accepting float numbers starting with 1 or any whole numbers (all positive numbers only)

Test case :-
-pass cases : 1.2,56,65.77,8554.44

-fail cases: 0,.1,0.8,.67,alphabets,special chars,space

— Take a burden to copy full details about the task🤤 ppl are not robots

— Hmm.. i thought something about UI, consistent design is better than same design with partially applied animations, so absense of animation might be a feature🤔

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— You live in chaos

— Whats wrong with your messages

— Chaos is freedom

— That theme...

— Abandon them all🤤

— Vue is better than react imho

— That's even better :)

— Finished infinite scroll algorithm btw.. works on IntersectionObserver with continuator, because IO doesnt catch all intersection changes when the fast constant or accelerated scroll applied

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