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November 2020

— Not an apple guy


I am using the google api (YouTube v3) to get all the latest Videos that have been uploaded.

I have an API key in the code, it's all front end.

I am wondering how good of an idea it is to store that API key as a string.

I have no backend or anything.
Is this safe or should I do something about it, and what?

— Wait, you are sharing your key?

— Probably not a good idea, I would think you need a backend

— Or at the very least some strong obfuscation, if they don't care about token security

— And if they're using a server less hosting website like I'm guessing, some give access to the apis

— Okay.

— But even then you'll find the key tho, security by obfuscation doesn't work :(
A Backend is unavoidable

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— If you want to find it, yes

— Just takes little snoopers away and leaves you only with the serious people

— Can i somehow execute function each frame with ?

— Ye, while true should do the trick🤤