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November 2020

— I just updated rando.js


If I did not think that "entropy gathering for generating cryptographically secure random numbers" were a hard problem, then it would not be such a challenge to me, lest I be wrong. Which I am pretty certain I am not at this point.

— JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 7th Edition? Someone recommends it.

— If you can't ignore abusive ppl I feel pretty bad for u tbh, seems like you should move back to tiktok :(

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— Please don't complain about e2ee. First of all, it's not like e2ee is a magic wand and things become secure with it. And most importantly, it's 2020. Privacy is dead.

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— Https://

— He prolly believes in WhatsApp and its "messages are e2e encrypted" info when u open a new chat xd

— Europe go brrrrr

— Argued with local trader recently, she wanted badly my.. personal data to send it somewhere to get "bonuses" for her sell.. so privacy is mostly personal choice

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— Hahaha fuck no. Key escrow makes their claims utterly pointless.

— I think that the attitude "privacy is dead" is defeatist when your objective could be "piss off the NSA by making your data and to some extent finer metadata basically useless to collect and impossible to analyze by automated means."

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— Also, I prefer open technology platforms because I believe that sort of thing drives the culture in a better direction for real creativity and progress.

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