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November 2020

— And it's fix the problem 😂


Yeah a "social network" where you can't even ignore abusive people in groupchats and where the 1-to-1 messaging doesn't even use E2EE by default.

— Yet I am here because the Matrix chat for this subject matter is much slower.

— I just updated rando.js

— If I did not think that "entropy gathering for generating cryptographically secure random numbers" were a hard problem, then it would not be such a challenge to me, lest I be wrong. Which I am pretty certain I am not at this point.

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— JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 7th Edition? Someone recommends it.

— If you can't ignore abusive ppl I feel pretty bad for u tbh, seems like you should move back to tiktok :(

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— Please don't complain about e2ee. First of all, it's not like e2ee is a magic wand and things become secure with it. And most importantly, it's 2020. Privacy is dead.

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— Https://

— He prolly believes in WhatsApp and its "messages are e2e encrypted" info when u open a new chat xd

— Europe go brrrrr

— Argued with local trader recently, she wanted badly my.. personal data to send it somewhere to get "bonuses" for her sell.. so privacy is mostly personal choice

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