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November 2020

— Like server that returns random quote, or random cool picture


I get that, but this is my problem my user now tries to login so if that is successfull the rest api returns like true how can I start in the function I sended earlier a cookie and protect my frontend routes where a user needs to be logged in

— So I can validate or redirect when a page is visited

— I get how to do this on my Rest API but no on my frontend

— That's a question i have no answer🤤

— But it's doable (never did that)

— Today cookies are set automatically by some server-side code, all the work left to the coder is to check session value to determine who is the user

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— But what you are saying the best thing to do is make the login on its own server and the information etc from the rest api

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— Thats the only possible way I see it now

— Best way, magic wand, i don't get what you mean

— Bruh anyone still using webpack?

— Pebpack wat pack🤔