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November 2020

— Yup, but I've seen few websites supporting it


Too new probably.. the worst thing about telegram is that it doesn't do screen-share video calls.. very convy thing, enables you to describe something to remote host

— Put it on github, can't see the structure

— It's very easy but I don't know how to explain it

— Sometimes a picture explains more than thousand words

— This is my login page nothing wrong because my code can find the form

— This is my register page and here it can't find the form so I get a error, this is because both are in the same js file

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— So how can I make it so I have 2 of those functions in the same file but it only uses the right function on each page

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— That's why I asked is it bad practice to use both submit functions in 1 file

— If( === 'yourAction') do what you have to do (?)

— Cause I know how to do this but I think when I put this code in a function and call it like this <script src="main.js">loginSubmit();</script> i think its bad practice right?

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— No this is not what I mean