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November 2020

— You may not need xhr/fetch at all


It's more like I have a register page and a login page but I don't now what is good practice when it comes to do I need to make both those functions in 1 external file or do I need to make seperate files for it

— Cause when I'm on the register pages some buttons and the form can not be found

— Because they are not in the page

— Good practice is the popup with social networks login (requires more effort)

— I get that but I don't wanna do a login with social network

— It's more if I put this code in the same file as the register page then it doesn't find the form

— Man, I hate those. It's either Google or I don't have an account to use.
Can't we just start using Telegram Passport?

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— Because the login form is not present there

— Telegram is also a social network🤤

— I know.

I said non official criminals.

— Yup, but I've seen few websites supporting it