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November 2020

— What is good practice


..two types, separate login form with transition and popup form which authenticates user and places indicators at the page header area, second is more complicated, so if it's not super-duper project then "traditional" login is my choice

— I mean, do I need to split those functions in 2 files

— Depends on your design

— You may not need xhr/fetch at all

— It's more like I have a register page and a login page but I don't now what is good practice when it comes to do I need to make both those functions in 1 external file or do I need to make seperate files for it

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— Cause when I'm on the register pages some buttons and the form can not be found

— Because they are not in the page

— Good practice is the popup with social networks login (requires more effort)

— I get that but I don't wanna do a login with social network

— It's more if I put this code in the same file as the register page then it doesn't find the form

— Man, I hate those. It's either Google or I don't have an account to use.
Can't we just start using Telegram Passport?

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