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November 2020

— If I switch to source repos, almost all the latest ones are TypeScript


Yep, they have an order to do so, but those are toys/demos mostly, check svgomg and squoosh, those are js (and useful)

— Https://

— Https://

— So he doesn't use it, yet is impressed by how well it works

— You impressed more, so you should take his position at google🤤 say that you are black transgender disabled woman that loves typescript and the deal is yours

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— Jeez dude

— Lmao rly? Gotta contact google now

— Kek, nothing special, go try.. check techlead channel, he discovers the process.. good to have infiltrators in there.. but make an oath first, to serve javascript party til the end

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— Did google finally ban youtube🤔🤤 (temporary issues at youtube)

— Haram

— banofbot