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November 2020

— "You" being the guy trying to run some random project on github that didn't specify the version it needed and now is broken with latest?

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Peer dependencies can be useful if you are building libraries, but not good for projects that are standalone apps

— npx only installs a module when it doesn't find it in the current node modules

npm install
npx tsc -p .

should work with whatever version you define in pkgjson

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— Standalone shouldn't require any Typescript installed, neither locally not globally

— But then you might as well just have it as a script, and user doesn't need to do the extra steps of using npx and having to specify args nor figure out if it is installed local or global

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— For dev it should, locally

— Build script is better because you can add arbitrary complexity to building without burdening the user with the details, user just does npm run build

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— User doesn't even have to care if it's typescript

— Very low barrier of entry for contributors is preferrable

— User ≠ person who needs a manual build
That I call a contributor, and if they can code they surely can read a doc tu understand the requirements

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— Y... yeah

— Hello, any easy way to know it's been 24hours to the current marked hour ?

const markedHour = new Date().getHours();
//cache marked hour somewhere to compare to current hour.

const currentHour = new Date().getHours();

if comparison//

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