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November 2020

— Only wanted to rage a bit xD

I can't use arrow functions
And other things like this


You can't just watch and read articles or study courses or looking for a dreamjob forever🤤 coding is the destination

— I'm just used to JS being basic without much syntactic sugar.

— No problem, just apply it to something🤤

— Thank got there are backpilers

— Array#forEach is there since IE8, no? Just you have to use [].forEach(function(el, i, arr) {console.log(el, i, are);})

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— Just transpile duh

— Most js can be transpiled to IE11, except for newer DOM APIs

— It return error everything i tryed to use one of those

— Have you tried typescript?

— Why not ban old browser🤔 is it requirement wat

— For sure a requirement