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November 2020

— That wasn't so important except for manual analysis.


Everyone is using fancy js and then there is me that have to write shitty js because it have to work on ie11

— Sometimes i wonder wat you guys are doing there.. coding or watching youtube.. second i bet

— This isn't very fancy. It is quite primitive.

— Only wanted to rage a bit xD

I can't use arrow functions
And other things like this

— You can't just watch and read articles or study courses or looking for a dreamjob forever🤤 coding is the destination

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— I'm just used to JS being basic without much syntactic sugar.

— No problem, just apply it to something🤤

— Thank got there are backpilers

— Array#forEach is there since IE8, no? Just you have to use [].forEach(function(el, i, arr) {console.log(el, i, are);})

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— Just transpile duh

— Most js can be transpiled to IE11, except for newer DOM APIs