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November 2020

— See you fixed min-max issue, good progress🤤


I don't think it is over engineering... cos I will be using this function in so many places. The function is about 30 lines of code with the switch statement I showed above.
I cannot be writing it manually everywhere the whole thing
That's why I separated it into a function

— I fixed a lot of things.

— That wasn't so important except for manual analysis.

— Everyone is using fancy js and then there is me that have to write shitty js because it have to work on ie11

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— Sometimes i wonder wat you guys are doing there.. coding or watching youtube.. second i bet

— This isn't very fancy. It is quite primitive.

— Only wanted to rage a bit xD

I can't use arrow functions
And other things like this

— You can't just watch and read articles or study courses or looking for a dreamjob forever🤤 coding is the destination

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— I'm just used to JS being basic without much syntactic sugar.

— No problem, just apply it to something🤤

— Thank got there are backpilers