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November 2020

— How do i enable it?


No idea, to me it was just a pop-up. Probably somewhere in settings, or maybe opening more than 100 (that's when it happened) tabs pops it up

— Seems like i can't enable it

— Dunno, I have the canary version, could still be in beta

— I have an operator in a string as below:
let operator = "<"; //could also be ==, >, < etc
now I want to compare using this operator like:
if(foo operator bar){

How do i do it

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— Random pool generator toy:


a = if operator == '<'
then a < b
else if operator == '>'
then a > b
else a == b
#livescript pseudocode

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— Thanks for your response. Could you please explain how it works?

— It works straight away.. ternary, switch or ifs, you decide

— This is my current solution

— Why you need Operators.blabla

— Too many entry points will weaken the fortress