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April 2017

— And you get 295 (300-5)


Basic example... if an item is 10 cents and you give a dime (valued at 10 cents), you get 0 back

if an item is 15 cents and you give two dimes, you get a nickel (valued at 5 cents) back

— Https://

— Feel free to translate that however to your own currency, haha, I am not familiar with many

— It involves some basic math

— I wrote this in python a long time ago and im seeing if I can find it

— Ok

— The example output is: Your change is 2 quarters, 5 dimes, and 2 pennies

— Oh god

— Haha - i think that was just for testing

— Item1 is an object

— Look at my jsfiddle ^^ - i already solved this error and wrote him private