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November 2020

β€” Sweet


πŸ‘Ό Gg Hj has been saved β€” no kick for you this time.

Voters who chose to save:
Gg Hj, Johnmattee, Lipika Roy, Sreetamo, determin1st
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β€” Hii

β€” WhatsApp guys πŸ€—

β€” banofbot

β€” πŸ”« RubenVerg has been kicked β€” the only way to get this user back is for admins to manualy unban in chat settings.

Voters who chose to kick:
Gg Hj, Johnmattee, cadaxapy, Muhammaddaffa_06, Lipika Roy
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β€” That's not how it works!

β€” If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones😁

β€” You are in the wrong parallel universe

β€” Yyeh

β€” Yeah, wanted to sent that one as well

β€” Wait, are people actually voting for my kick? Or is it just gghj's friends