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November 2020

— I'm abusing the outer OS scheduler interrupts to gather entropy for making some random numbers.


It's not a cryptographically secure random number pool yet. It just generates some 32bit integers that seem reasonably well equidistant.

— Let's start with why🤤 then, slowly to the details

— > I put the entropy collector method I am working on within the confines of the JS environment sandbox into a web page that makes it usable. It's very basic right now but it helps demonstrate the result of the program functions at least.

> I'm sorta abusing the outer OS process task scheduler and browser/garbage-collection jitter to get enough entropy to make sure that things would be very difficult to reverse by brute force

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— Great, some auto-generated integers.. i see🤤 and what will happen next🤔

— I don't know.

— If you tried reading the source to see how those integers were generated maybe it would be more cool.

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— Next is exploring statistical analysis techniques for randomness and then if I want to I will turn it into a toy version of a urandom pool

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— Why you strive for randomness.. don't you like stability and determinism🤤

— Isnt current random generators enough for this planet's problems

— Also, i see wrong naming, in the example max value is less than mid and avg

— Yeah, I know why that would be