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November 2020

— Futile, futile😑 give up trying


Some pupils over-complicate.. others masquerade their code, the lack of attention to the base and origin is the reason🤤

A = B
B = C
C = A

— Wait, wasn't A parent of B and C?

— Where.. the homework is clearly defined i think

— That is what I understand from this image

— The image is about scopes.. but the approach is similar

— Things may be similar but not equal

— Https://

— This took a while and still isn't done.

— I'm abusing the outer OS scheduler interrupts to gather entropy for making some random numbers.

— It's not a cryptographically secure random number pool yet. It just generates some 32bit integers that seem reasonably well equidistant.

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— Let's start with why🤤 then, slowly to the details