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November 2020

β€” So B and C are in A?




let a = {b: 0, c: 1};
a.b = {b: a.c, c: a.b};
a.c = a.b.c
a.b = a.b.b

{ b: 1, c: 0 }

β€” Best I can think of

β€” Futile, futileπŸ˜‘ give up trying

β€” Some pupils over-complicate.. others masquerade their code, the lack of attention to the base and origin is the reason🀀

A = B
B = C
C = A

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β€” Wait, wasn't A parent of B and C?

β€” Where.. the homework is clearly defined i think

β€” That is what I understand from this image

β€” The image is about scopes.. but the approach is similar

β€” Things may be similar but not equal

β€” Https://

β€” This took a while and still isn't done.