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November 2020

β€” So how it displays on the website.. that's all front-end?


Yep. you need to write the code to retrieve the data and depending on the library, you need to add the marker or popup or whatever on the map

β€” Oh ok. I get you.

β€” Rest api task - just askπŸ€”
homework api task - just don't ask

β€” Post or get tho

β€” Guys do you prefer Google or Microsoft products?

β€” Ms

β€” Any that works🀀

β€” Which works better, wins, right

β€” I don't like buying products I like investing in solutions or some crap. Like, whatever works sometimes. But for me what works plays nicely with open hardware and software platforms and if it doesn't then you're out.

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β€” $("#bxs li").click(function () {
var value = $(this).attr('id').replace("-", "");

$("#dialog").data("clickedfrom", value ).dialog("open");
//return false;


// Okay button from the dialog.

$(".okaybtn").click(function () {
var $dialog = $("#dialog");
// value is the variable from the previous function
localStorage.setItem( $ "clickedfrom" ), "test");
//return false;


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β€” How can i get the variable value in the second?