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November 2020

β€” Me now


FAR, WinRAR are great tools.. the author is professional coder, it compress better than 7z, well thought command line.. those who say it's unworthy just crowd, their opinion doesn't matter🀀

β€” Hi guys. Need help with a
Rest API task.

β€” Just ask

β€” Ok

β€” On this website, when you click the "i" button and then somewhere on the map you get and html popup with info about the specific plot

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β€” This website:

β€” How to achieve same behaviour with Rest Api

β€” First of all.. Rest APIs only deliver the raw data. The front-end has to dynamically request and process the response.

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β€” Alright

β€” So how it displays on the website.. that's all front-end?

β€” Yep. you need to write the code to retrieve the data and depending on the library, you need to add the marker or popup or whatever on the map

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