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November 2020

β€” Jquery is great for small projects


Hey. Ping me if anyone looking for software developer for freelance or part time work. Im available to work with teams tooπŸ‘ thanks

β€” Hey what’s people take on RXJS. I just realized observables were like monads and I have been learning functional JS in my spare time. Is RXJS real functional programming in disguise?

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β€” Trying to sell code to coders🀨

β€” Ajax in jquery is litle bit confuse

β€” Which JS Framework are you comfortable on?

β€” Lol really? If so, what will be your opinion on fetch api and axios

β€” Personally I prefer XMLHttp...

β€” React

β€” What font is that

β€” Naaaa....jQuery is a subset of JS.....just learn to use jQuery for a specific purpose

β€” RXJs for me is gr8 buh has a long learning curve...i mostly use RXJS in angular....where observable are prefered to promises....its flexible and very smooth

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