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October 2020

— Hii


JavaScript is a programming language.
jQuery is a library written in JavaScript to make it easier DOM manipulation and provides other utility functions

— So in short I have to learn the two??

— JavaScript is the base.. I barely don't know jQuery and I work professionally as programmer already 4 years

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— JQuery is definitely not needed.. I would even not recommend it

— Okay bro thanks

Am a beginner and I want to learn JavaScript please do you have some PDF you can recommend 🙏

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— I always personally recommend the officialmdn

— Https://

— I think is the most complete resource 👍

— Okay thanks 👍

— Https://

— Promise.any interesting feature, several fetch requests may reuse it.. replaceAll ye, needed.. assignments i don't get why (some ninja operation at NODE's headquarters🤤)

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