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October 2020

— That's even more sad


Just go to ur local apple store, pick up the most expensive machine and open launchpad folders or resize some system apps, 1/2 cases will result in 3fps animation 🤤

— The last time I owned a mac it was an i5 mini with a Radeon GPU and that worked fine if snappy

— I will try a bunch later with a demo unit now.

— Not surprised.

— That's the old mavericks / lion times

— Yes

— MacOS had a lot going for it but everything now is getting nerfed from presumptions of stagnancy or things changing around it.

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— Idk just get this

— I prefer open-source drivers since I don't want shit to break

— I think the resize is more relevant than the launchpad thing

— To why this is sad/interesting as a bug or buggy behaviour. I wonder why it is.