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October 2020

— Doesn’t change concept of my perfect setup, you can run ur win7 in native vm if you want


I mean, have you ever tried KVM + GVT-g / AMD passthrough Libvirtd virtual machine? You can’t tell it’s not native even on older hardware 🤧

— CPU instructions sent to kernel and GPU is directly passed / GVT-g virtualized, only RAM cost

— Great, then you resize some box and everything fails to smooth

— These times.. who buys PCs anyway

— Nope gvt-g 🤧

— Normal people who want normal performance, as it goes for laptops, macbook > xps > lenovo yoga / thinkpad

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— Geeks

— Or chromebook + GCP vm

— > tfw you can't render rectangles
What the fuck happened, Apple?

— I think it's the app not the frameworks tbh

— Yes basically.