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October 2020

— A kernel extension kext they mean is a MacOS thing


Both amd/nvidia build depends on ur needs (i do lot of GL stuff and i love nvidia + intel so that, but AMD is cool bcus non-vfio pcie VM passthrough

install clean arch / gentoo / manjaro on it, fire up your favorite desktop environment, create KVM + GVT-g virtual machine with clean WIN10, install needed tools and do a snapshot

— I am in AMD camp but admit Nvidia has some neat hardware stuff

— ^ it’s not autism bcuz you have full access to win10 at native speed, but with clean snapshot (bye bye viruses and other trash) + you are productive because of your customized DE & native linux tools

wet dream

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— The Switch was a great piece of industrial design

— Gentoo is much for me. I would rather use Alpine.

— Idk i’ve used like 30 distros and arch is the only one i could stand off

by the way manjaro i3 is lit, literally takes > 3 minutes to fully setup and works out of the box, no other tools needed and it’s clean arch + pre-installed deps and VM, with auto driver install and awesome community

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— Ubuntu rocks, dies after apt-upgrade

— I mean... emerge is amazing

— I currently run Fedora on the workstation

— Yes, fuck debian-based systems, they are only good for servers

— I am used to Ubuntu,,, now using it again 😆but I should try others right